Sunday, 28 October 2012

Brooch Buoquet

Hello Brides To Be,

I’m writing this post as I would like some help but most of all to let you all see what a new trend is for wedding flowers.

I have become obsessed with Etsy not only does it have everything I’m looking for but everything is amazing and can be created how you would like an item to be. For example I got our guest book off Etsy and was made to order for my colour theme and style. Esty is a website where you can buy items off sellers that are extremely crafty and also extremely talented (if only I was) for example you can buy dresses, Hand crafted items, Invitations, Shoes, party items tailored to your theme I could pretty much keep going and going but I’m kind of getting off topic.

I’m not sure how I stumbled across what I’m about to talk about but Somehow I did. I think it was meant to be.
I came across Brooch Bouquets and fell in love with them.
For some people I know they may dislike them but for me it has my name all over them.

The new tread is a Bouquet of Brooches or fake flowers with Brooches. You could also use fresh on the big day. Not only will they last the whole day but will also last a whole lifetime. I’m even thinking of framing them.You can have any theme colour you like for bridesmaids and even simple colour theme like silver and pearls.

I fell in love with these and had to show J straight away and he said I should get them as he knew how excited I was. But not only am I obsessed with these but I do not love the price tag. This is where I’m super stuck.

When it comes to making things and going DIY I am not that good at all as I want everything to be perfect..Now I found a seller that sells bulk Brooches (yet to find flowers) Now I think I could make them for under $300 DIY or buy for $600.

I can understand why as I have looked this up and to make them takes a lot of time.
Now I’m not sure if I should make it and be ok with the brooch Bouquet and not fully in love or just buy the one that I love and will be 100% happy and will love to death.
If anyone knows a great place that makes them but without the high price tag please let me know .
Also I wanted to share with any Brides out there as these are AMAZING.

Here is a link to the Lovly lady who made Johns Boutonniere. This is where I also found my Perfect Bouquet.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bride To Be

Hey Everyone,

As some you may know I am a beauty blogger I write and

I wanted to add wedding talk and ideas on my Beauty channelbut thought I should create a new one as some readers may not like weddingtalk.

 This blog is about ideas, how I’m coming along and weddingtalk of course.

Here is a video of our big news
Please follow and if you have any questions do ask :)